Friday, 21 September 2012

A week in the life of a Trainee Engineer

Our latest addition to the HAE family- Trainee engineer, Hamid, gives us an insight into his first week......

'During my first week I’ve learned alot; from BPT access controls to Fire Panels. Every day I’ve been out to different sites and each day faced a different problem. Some days you attend more than one site; you can be fixing an intercom and then later on you’ll be sorting interference on a camera. One of the major things I’ve learnt is how the cabling is put together and checking if there is the right amount of voltage running through the cables and setting up loops and knowing where to put a conductor. I enjoyed working with the different engineers and seeing the different but very similar methods of solving issues. I’ve found the maintenance manager very helpful with any questions I had (deserves a high five!). Initially, I thought having to be up at such early hour to get to work would of tire me out but I’ve found that it just made me work harder and be more responsible as a person. At the moment I’ve been working on the Maintenance side of the company, but I would like to get a taster of the Installation side too.  Having to work with CCTV and seeing how they operate is a great insight, getting to know different types of NSRs - such as the SONY IPELA NSR-500 with ‘Intelligent Video Analytics’ and features like file export to Disc, SD Card or a flash drives. Getting to see the pressure first hand that the engineers have to work under some days makes you want to try harder and make notes to insure that if you get the same problem in the future you’ll be able to solve it on your own.'