Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year.. .new security system?

As 2012 draws to a close and we are on the cusp of 2013, many re-evaluate portions of their lives. Here at HAE, we are always on the look out for new trends in emerging technology and how we can upgrade our customer's systems to make sure they are at the cutting edge of the security industry.

With old favourites from 2012 spanning everything from OnSSi and FeliCa, to the BPT Perla and Lenel, we cannot wait to see what innovations 2013 may bring. HAE are lucky to be part of an ever evolving industry.

Our PES Manager, Izak, and our MD, Robert, will keep HAE current and up to date with the latest security solutions that will last the test of time and our multi-faceted engineering team will keep our maintenance sites and installations running smoothly.

Here is to all of you and we are wishing you a very warm and prosperous 2013!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Managing Director’s Blog

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
Mahatma Gandhi

As the summer comes to an end, we are looking forward to Autumn and all it brings.  Of course, it has it own unique set of problems for installation and maintenance, not in the least working outside in the colder conditions (if you’ve ever worked up a cherry picker on a rainy, cold December’s day you’ll know exactly what I mean).  One of my roles is to ensure that stratgically we are moving the business in the right direction.  So as the schools re-open their doors, I use the Autumn term to re-evaluate how we run the business and what direction it needs to move in.  I have to ensure that we continue to grow but never lose sight of our clients’ needs and try to fulfil them to the highest possible standards. I feel that I am constantly learning, continuing my education if you like, with all the new developments and ideas that I pick up. As I turn the page over on a new notebook, I ponder on the best ways to drive the business forward and …… “will my handwriting still be this neat by page 9?”

Robert De’Antiquis

Friday, 21 September 2012

A week in the life of a Trainee Engineer

Our latest addition to the HAE family- Trainee engineer, Hamid, gives us an insight into his first week......

'During my first week I’ve learned alot; from BPT access controls to Fire Panels. Every day I’ve been out to different sites and each day faced a different problem. Some days you attend more than one site; you can be fixing an intercom and then later on you’ll be sorting interference on a camera. One of the major things I’ve learnt is how the cabling is put together and checking if there is the right amount of voltage running through the cables and setting up loops and knowing where to put a conductor. I enjoyed working with the different engineers and seeing the different but very similar methods of solving issues. I’ve found the maintenance manager very helpful with any questions I had (deserves a high five!). Initially, I thought having to be up at such early hour to get to work would of tire me out but I’ve found that it just made me work harder and be more responsible as a person. At the moment I’ve been working on the Maintenance side of the company, but I would like to get a taster of the Installation side too.  Having to work with CCTV and seeing how they operate is a great insight, getting to know different types of NSRs - such as the SONY IPELA NSR-500 with ‘Intelligent Video Analytics’ and features like file export to Disc, SD Card or a flash drives. Getting to see the pressure first hand that the engineers have to work under some days makes you want to try harder and make notes to insure that if you get the same problem in the future you’ll be able to solve it on your own.'

Friday, 31 August 2012

MD's Blog

"I Didn't Set Out to Beat the World; I Just Set Out to Do My Absolute Best."
- Al Oerter

It was great to get behind the Olympics Games recently; both the opening and closing ceremonies were fantastic and getting so many medals for Team GB really added to the excitement.  The good spirit in the UK, especially London, was almost heady.  For two weeks, people actually talked to each other on public transport and the games were the only topic of conversation. 

We tried to ensure that our customers were not disrupted by traffic issues and moved our start times around to accommodate as necessary, but in the end, there were few issues.

All the security forces and volunteers have been rightly praised, along with all those who have organised, planned and given us a Games to be proud of.

Robert De’Antiquis

Monday, 13 August 2012

HD cameras for the future... make.believe in Sony

Our PES Manager, Izak, discusses his thoughts on HD cameras:

"As with all new technology there are always some sceptics who don’t accept pioneering technology.
I heard about the new HD cameras, but with good IP cameras available at the time, I was not really interested, as proven cameras (like the Sony SNC RX570) had a brilliant zoom and were already outperforming the Coax cameras which currently saturate the market.
As a company, Heston Apex Europe LTD, was chosen to carry out a trial installation of a number of RH-124 Cameras on a stadium.
From the commencement of the installation, it was glaringly clear that this is the new technology for the future of the industry.
On the opening day, with a crowded stadium, it was possible to zoom in and identify people on the opposite side of the field. This enabled the security controllers to monitor any disturbances with ease and be sure that proper identification of the people involved was available.

So why choose the next generation of Sony HD cameras?

1.       Fewer Cameras. With full HD cameras better coverage is provided, with the advantage that identification of individual suspects is still possible. With previous generations of cameras you would need both a static camera and a PTZ camera to zoom in to the specific point of interest to get identifiable images or as alternative a multitude of static cameras zoomed in, which would therefore cover a lot less.

2.       Fewer Monitoring personnel. Fewer cameras also means fewer people are needed to monitor the same area and in tandem with the implementation of DEPA technology found on Sony cameras, intelligent functionality can be utilised on a PC

3.       H264 encoding. With H264 encoding it gives the best use of the bandwidth possible.

4.       High frame rates. With up to 30FPS, a smooth picture is ensured, therefore assuring the consistent capture of movement. This will increase with the newer generation cameras as demonstrated by Sony at IFSEC.

5.       Monitoring in all conditions. The Sony camera ranges have some of the best low light performance around. This includes PTZ cameras and the ER550, as well as the static cameras with additional IR as the DH280 and CH280.  Even in incredibly low levels of light in a server room, I observed a DH140 displaying a clear picture.
Even the best cameras is useless if not correctly set up. The SNC-Toolbox ensures ease of setup with all the cameras and settings available in one place. The cameras now have an easy setup and focus feature that enable the installer to tweak the focus and zoom without the need to sit on ladders with a spot monitor to adjust it."

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Managing Director's blog

“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” - Plato

I spent a very enjoyable evening with one of our clients who has been raising funds for St John’s Hospice, in St John’s Wood, Marylebone. 
St John’s Hospice gives extraordinary palliative care, free of charge, for over 2,000 patients and families each year facing many life-threatening illnesses.
There were eight slots in which to sponsor two of our client’s entries in the Great River Race on 15th September; where the highest bidders would be given the opportunity to put their logo on the side of one of the boats.  I’m pleased to say that HAE entered a bid and were one of the top eight.  We are now looking forward to seeing our logo on the boat and to cheering the team along. 
This is such a good cause and is local to the area, and it will make such a massive difference to the families that St John’s Hospice look after each year.  Their kindness and care should be an inspiration to us all.
Robert De’Antiquis

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lenel Custom Solutions workshop- an engineer abroad

Our PES manager, Izak Potgieter travelled to Rochester in the USA to undertake a course in Lenel Custom Solutions work shop. Check out his blog below- Lenel Custom Solutions Workshop…. An engineer abroad!!!

Lenel Custom Solutions workshop – an engineer abroad

In the last couple of months, since being appointed as PES manager, I have increasingly had to deal with an escalation in complexity and sheer amount of Data Exchanges. With some new projects I have also had to do integration into 3rd party software and hardware using DataConduIT.
With this in mind I asked to be sent to the annual Lenel Custom Solutions Workshop at the Lenel Headquarters in Rochester NY- which was definitely a challenging experience!
This workshop covered all of the following fields:
·         Database Architecture and links
This sector provided me with some additional insights into the layout of the data in the databases, and as well as supplementary information in regards to the database tables and relevant SQL scripts, links and triggers.
·         Data Exchange.

In the course we did several types of data exports and imports. We did hands on work in class and I definitely learned some new techniques regarding complex Data Exchanges. These will definitely save me a lot of time in the future and also will result in increasingly stable exchanges for more complex projects.
·         Custom Reports
With the use of Crystal Reports, it is possible to write reports that will cover the specific need for any client. With the use of existing templates from Onguard it is a simple case of changing it to fit requirements. This is a massive time saver and increases the simplicity of using the system.
·         DataConduIT
In this section of the course, we covered the basic setup and integration of software with the use of DataConduIT. Included in this coverage was basic fault-finding procedures that will help with all future installations and fault finding.
This was definitely a course that met my preconceived expectations and with the wealth of knowledge I took from it, I will be able to implement it into my work and offer a much better service to our clients.
I also managed to sneak in a bit of sightseeing, and was able to check out New York and Niagra falls- all in all the trip was a great success and I really enjoyed myself!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Why Use a Fully Encrypted Card Access Solution – FeliCa - Sony Make.believe

Cards such as Mifare and FeliCa, have an unique manufactures code (CSN) which until recently was adequate for normal level of access control. The CSN number is part of the manufacturing process and it used to requires a high skill level and very expensive equipment to clone chips with a specific number.

It has been possible for a while to read the card data and retransmit this, but this was again limited to a small number of experts with very specific knowledge about the card technologies.  For those applications where the security level had to be higher, encrypted cards have normally been specified.

With the success of the Internet, information sharing has totally changed. Protocols and details are available on line to any one, which already makes it easier for hackers to access.  

There are a few hacker organisations we are aware of and they publish details on how to hack the HID IClass, Mifare and many other types. This was still more of a development community and not easy to do for non experts. 

This has changed and now you can buy ready made equipment which can read the CSN of Mifare, FeliCa, HID and others. The data can then be easily retransmitted. This equipment can be bought ready made on line by anyone.

With the equipment you can easily read someone's card unnoticed (for example, in a lift) and then walk over to any door and retransmit to gain access.

An example of this equipment is available at: 
The trend in using just the CSN can cause big embarrassment for large corporate companies, if security was breached this way and was released in the public domain.

Security levels of cards and readers are becoming increasingly important because of the above statement.

An example of an encrypted Mifare card hacked is on YouTube. are a few examples on the Internet of this.

FeliCa” has not been known to have been hacked and would be outside the scope of most people ability, if this was ever achievable due to the high levels of encryption."

Robert De'Antiquis

Friday, 13 July 2012

OnSSI Ocularis

Our PES Manager Izak Potgieter has been working in the security industry for five years. He is extremely well versed in a number of systems and is master certified in Lenel. Izak is HAE's go-to engineer and has allowed us an insight into one of his favourite products:

'After years in the security industry it rarely happens that I stumble upon a product that is so innovative that it amazes me.

When I first heard about OnSSI Ocularis I assumed it would be similar to all of the other products in the field catering for video recording solutions…… but after attending the training I can say that this is truly a high end solution that belongs at the top of the industry.

All the recording is controlled by background services that utilise resourses to the maximum. The user interface is managed with an IIS Web service.

There are several outstanding features: Blank screen monitoring, Push Video, Virtual Matrix and Motion search to name a few. All of these innovations set this apart as a high end solution.

The client software uses multiple screens with full functionality, without any problems and outstanding graphical interface. It also utilizes the GPU (Graphics Card) instead of the CPU to handle the decoding of video for display that is a better and more cost effective way of distributing the processing needs of encoded H264 video streams.

With different Solutions in place from Ocularis PS to ES there will be a solution to fit any given complexity and need.'

Izak Potgieter

PES Manager

To learn more about OnSSI, check out their website:

Friday, 6 July 2012

“Stop the Press” Sony FeliCa.. make.believe in Evolis

The latest in our Sony FeliCa growth can be attributed to the full integration into the Evolis 'Pebble printer' which allows the full encoding of FeliCa cards. This solution moves FeliCa one step closer towards becoming a true end to end solution and here at HAE has been greeted with much excitement.

This was achievable through using the free SDK tool provided by Evolis alongside their 'Pebble Printers'!

The Evolis 'Pebble' printer allows the printing of colour badges with photo resolution. Easily installable with aesthetically pleasing lines the Pebble 4 printer has a Magnetic Stripe encoder, Smart contact station encoding unit and Contactless encoding unit. These features are all superbly designed and flawlessly integrated making it the printer of the moment.

Watch this space for more developments and check out Evolis' website at:

Make.Believe… in Sony Global's FeliCa

Here at HAE we are excited about the continued partnership with Sony Global and the further development of the FeliCa card readers.

Why FeliCa?

Originally used in the Octopus card system in Hong Kong, the RFID smart card system, championed by Sony Japan, is a rising star in the world of security. With the encryption key dynamically generating each time the card is used, the use of mutual authentication between card and reader provides one of the most secure systems in the world. The cards are externally powered, with no battery. We are one of the few companies which have pioneered the RFID smartcard reader which reads FeliCa cards as well as CSN. This OEM product partnering with our supplier has allowed us to roll out the readers over Sony European sites.  This partnership has catapulted HAE to the forefront of up and coming technology in the security world.

The FeliCa card system itself is multi-faceted, with the same card that is used to allow access into a building also allowing the user to employ it as a health care device, a mobile wallet, or as a speedy airplane boarding device (seen at JAL and ANA).  The FeliCa system provides an ease of accessibility to the discerning card user, as they no longer have to carry a multitude of bank cards, access passes and transport cards.

This card system is truly the unique and brings the world one step closer to a bright contactless, hassle-free future.

Check out the Sony FeliCa website to see the latest news for FeliCa and the myriad of ways in which these cards can be used:

Friday, 29 June 2012

Sony ....make.believe

Sony have a superb range of Network HD Cameras with Panomorph Lens, which here at HAE we are excited about championing.

Whilst other brands of cameras such as mobotix are effective, we prefer the sublime lines and aesthetically pleasing Sony products. Not only are they attractive, the cameras provide unparalleled performance, encompassing key aspects such as the easy focus function (a must for a simple installation), the ability to switch between day and night mode smoothly and successfully and Sony's very own View - DR technology. The cameras have no distortion and in the SNC-CH120/SNC-CH140/SNC-CH220/ SNC-CH240 camera range, the ability to view 360 degrees with the enablement of the Panomorph lens is incomparable. The SNC-CH120 and SNC-CH140 have a 1.3 Megapixel maximum resolution and the SNC-CH220 and SNC-CH240 provide the option of the 2.8 Megapixel resolution. The cameras all have different types of visibility enhancers, varying from BLC to Sony's Visibility Enhancer View DR. These four cameras provide varying options for both the clients and the installation teams, however, the key point as always is that the technology is well made by Sony.
The light weight of the cameras makes them easier to install, with the heaviest of the quartet coming in at just under 1 lb 7. All of the cameras can be covered by Prime Support and have a working temperature of -10 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius.

In the case of all the cameras described above the Sony tag line of make.believe, shines true and creates a perfect summary of a brand which is all encompassing.
If you want to have a further look at these cameras in more detail please make sure you check out Sony's website at

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sony FeliCa - will you Make.believe in Sony FeliCa?

HAE have now launched the second generation FeliCa card reader to the market place. The development of this reader has been borne with the close collaboration between both HAE and the Sony FeliCa division.

A Directors View

This continued  development has enabled  this second generation reader to now support, as standard, the 125Khz module with the following card types; Felica European and Japanese encryption,  Mifare CSN, HID ™ 125 KHz 35 bit corporate encoded cards (26 and 36 bit are also supported) , EM Marin and Temic T5567. In this ever changing world of card technology it pays to be ahead of the game.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Managing Director’s Blog

"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential. Winston Churchill

Whilst we pride ourselves on being a European company, it is also a year to be British.  It seems only moments ago London and other cities within the UK were ablaze with fire, looting and riots.  Things appeared to be disjointed and out of control.  Whilst a lot of the underlying issues have not disappeared, the recent Queen’s Jubilee was a chance for the country to pull together and enjoy the company of neighbours, friends and new acquaintances at events and parties up and down the country.  With Wimbledon and the Olympics just around the corner we are able to revel in a bit of patriotism, always hopeful of a sporting title or some medals (hopefully the gold type).  The quote above from Winston Churchill is particularly meaningful when looking at our sportsmen and women and the effort they’ve put in over the years to train for what may be the pinnacle of their careers.  It is also a worthwhile mantra for us all, always to strive for improvement in all we do.

Robert De’Antiquis

Friday, 8 June 2012

EMS wireless systems

Our Quality Manager has been enthusing about recent EMS audits that he has carried out on one of our sites in central London. He describe the systems as fuss free, with the wireless systems being perfectly suited for listed buildings. Highlights of these systems include aesthetically pleasing and discreet detectors, which are fully addressable. The great bonus in his eyes is that the detectors can come as a combi, with the ability to disable and re-enable functions at will. The standardisation of the EMS panel now allows the use of it across both wireless and non-wireless systems, allowing a hybrid of systems to be installed.

HAE prefer the FireCell range which is EN54 Part 25/ EN300-220 compliant. The system performance supersedes any other wireless system which HAE have come into contact with and due to the ability to not use fire rated cable, complies with HAE's Green Policy. Each panel can monitor a maximum of 512 devices, and Radio cluster communicators can extend the range to cover sprawling buildings. For more information on EMS products, check out their website at

The Sony SNC RH164 make.believe

HAE have recently installed three SNC RH164 cameras at a prestigious maintenance site in South West London, just in time for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The cameras were installed on Swan neck brackets, mounted on a pole and required dexterous high level handling from our hardworking installation team.

With the quick release mechanism, this camera was deemed to be the perfect camera for this install. Our client used the cameras to film the Diamond Jubilee, with the visibility enhancer and 16.9 aspect ratio making the footage as good as filming from a professional film maker's camera. The camera has a high image CMOS image sensor and is a PTZ dome with a 210 degree tilt and a 360 degree high speed pan. The camera also features a sunshine ventilation system and a triple codec network operation with a 10 x quality optical zoom. The XD NR noise reduction and impact resistant dome camera makes this one of the most interesting cameras that HAE have installed in recent times, with the tamper alarm trip making it one of the safest.

After the Jubilee, the footage was reviewed and it was of superb quality, to the point where it will now feature in a PR film for the site. A good HAE job well done!

Friday, 1 June 2012

The BPT Perla

The latest addition to the XiP and XI Door Entry systems supplied by BPT is the new 'Perla'. This wall mounted unit is easy to install and attractive to look at with sleek lines and a simplistic design making it an up and coming product to watch.

First seen by our engineers on the BPT website, it has made it to the top of their dream installation list. The handset is wall mounted with a 3.5 inch LCD colour screen and comes in 'Fusion Black', 'Ice White' or audio only.

With the ability to release doors, mute calls and disable ring tones, it has brought a new sense of sophistication to a saturated market place.

The handset has multiple other features, such as a panic button, low power consumption and an adjustable mounting bracket, making it ideal for installation teams and clients alike.

Why Video Door Entry?

As our world changes, our needs for security systems change too.   Gone are the days of permanent porters in residential blocks and receptionists in all office buildings.

Whilst back in the day, the majority of buildings had manned front desks and offices had a meet and greet receptionist ready to cater to your every need, as the economy has crumbled so has the job market. Roles which were permanently filled have now gone over to conceptualised positions, as the world rotates into the technological era. The new receptionist is an intercom system. Now, don’t roll your eyes and tut at the computer screen (with CCTV everywhere we can see you!) this is a cold hard fact. As businesses are making cuts, roles in the workplace have become amalgamated, as the girl who makes the coffee and answers the door is now also in charge of organising multiple projects and juggling tasks. Extra help for the multi-tasker comes in the form of an intercom system- safety conscious, secure and allows you to screen visitors… - you can now become your very own ‘big brother’!

These systems can be linked back to security guards and monitored on computers. The benefits far outweigh the cons as you are now able to contact security at the push of a button which will link you directly to their phone. You no longer have to battle issues like ‘telephone signal’ or walking to find a security member of staff, it is all there, right at your fingertips.  Other benefits include being able to release a door downstairs from the comfort of your flat/house/ office and being able to screen your calls.

Now which products to install you may ask?! Well, here at HAE we would suggest the very reputable BPT system, which in our eyes is one of the best in the business.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The technological era

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." -Albert Einstein"   

Many of us don’t realise how much technology we use every day, and how it makes our lives easier and in the case of IPCCTV usually safer.  It has been said that the internet is - and should be viewed as - the fourth utility, as important as light and heat.  With the recent coverage of the new robot “beaming” technology, where you can be embodied as an avatar or robot, interacting with real people, along with motion capture technology, we are moving from science fiction to science fact.  Eveyone was in awe, when Clare Lomas, paralysed from the chest down, recently completed the marathon with her “Bionic Legs”.  Whether the technology is used for medicine, environment, communication, gaming or security, it fills all our lives and is only limited by our imagination.  It is allowing integrated security systems to become smarter and quicker and keeping up with them is exciting.  I’m looking forward to see what new innovations come out of this year’s IFSEC.

Robert De’Antiquis

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Ifsec according to an apprentice....

The day at IFSEC started off with a long train journey from London Euston to Birmingham. Throughout the commute there was a build up of intensity and anxiety as we were just waiting to get stuck in at the competition. As we arrived at IFSEC we were overwhelmed by the amount of people were there, handing out business cards. This year at IFSEC we were taking part in an annual competition called Engineers of Tomorrow to win £1,000. The basic idea of the competition was to test the knowledge learnt throughout our apprenticeship. With only a hour and a half we had to do a full takeover of an intruder panel, which included fault finding and installing a new bell and vibration detector. We started off slowly, which in hindsight was probably a bad idea, as it eventually led us to losing the competition. After our initial slow start, we picked up the pace by completing various tasks such as; mounting a vibration detector, wiring a sounder and linking a P.A key switch to a door contact. With minutes left in the competition we were advised to wire the dual com to the panel as fast as possible. The competition ended with the adjudicator saying time, just as the final cable went in….. After the competition ended we had roughly 3 ½ hours to wait until we found out the results. Whilst patiently waiting to find out the results we felt the full impact of IFSEC and the technology. 4 o’clock came around and it was time to figure out if we had won or NOT. Unfortunately we didn’t bring home the win, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves, taking in a vast amount of knowledge throughout the day. Overall, it was a good chance to see what future technology has to offer and I look forward to next year.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Securing your world

In the uncertain times in which we live, securing your world has become paramount. Whether you choose to go down the route of closed-circuit television, access control systems, intruder alarms, fire systems or all of the aforementioned options, it has become necessary in this day and age to invest in at least one.
Security systems fall under varying categories, with life safety systems (Fire systems for those not in the know), taking immediate priority. These systems are designed to have a life saving impact- as who wants the first knowledge you have of your home going up in flames to be the scent of smoke and the crackling flames rending through the air? These systems have to be installed to BS5839 in order to follow the legal guidelines.
Here at HAE, we would much rather be woken up by the high-pitched squeal of a smoke detector activation than risk the numerous impacts of being entrapped in a fire. The lasting effects of a fire can be anything from smoke inhalation to burns as well as the destruction of property. These systems are integral in alerting neighbours, the fire department and those inside to the imminent danger.
As we are sure you are all aware, when a fire system starts to bleep (with no sign of fire) the immediate reaction would be to remove the battery from the detector (or in extreme cases pull it off the wall- and yes this does happen) in order to cease the incessant noise, however, whilst this might grant you a temporary reprieve, what you might not be aware of is that this will damage the integrity of the fire system and therefore leave you open to danger. What we would recommend, is taking out a contract with a reliable maintenance company, who can check your system is working and rectify the problems before stooping to such methods! Most security companies have a 24hr response time, but here at HAE, we like to get there within 4 hours.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Advances into new IPCCTV technology

Whilst at IFSEC, our engineers discovered the latest ’must have product’- the Sony SNC-ER550 Rapid dome camera. Aesthetically pleasing, with sleek lines, the camera produces high quality 720p images with high-speed 360 degrees of endless rotation.

The engineers raved about this camera with its superb reactions in low light levels, to the point where we are now trialling one on one of our most prestigious sites!

All elements of this camera impressed us, from the 28x optical zoom and the 12x digital zoom to the basic pan and tilt capabilities.  The above the horizon tilt ability really makes this camera one to watch out for, with the high power over Ethernet allowing a simplified installation whilst reducing the area of the infrastructure.

The camera also has an Exmor CMOS sensor which improves image acquisition.

This is, in HAE’s eyes a camera for the future!

Staying Safe- under surveillance!

The average Londoner gets caught on CCTV 70 times a day.

The question is, however, upon hearing this factoid; does it bring the big brother fear of ‘being watched’ or the peace of knowing that someone somewhere is watching?

The idea of public (and private) CCTV tracking your every move wherever you go is slightly daunting, however, the number of crimes caught on CCTV and therefore criminals jailed justifies this in our view.

Take the recent London riots, a number of criminals were apprehended based on CCTV footage alone, and more caught out by friends and families recognising published CCTV images and coming forward. In this instance CCTV saved the day!

Recently, on one of our prestigious maintenance sites, we were called in to pull footage from the CCTV system of a burglar. What we did not realise, was that we were going to see a whole new brand of criminal, literally and physically. The burglar was seen on the footage breaking into a house using a coat hanger of all things. The inventiveness of this particular method of access has now been noted down by the police. CCTV is effectively (whilst slightly intrusive) a force for good on our streets and around our homes. It allows our clients to liaise with the police and work towards incidents like the ‘coat hanger burglary’ not happening, as by raising awareness, we are one step further towards the cure.

The next question, you might ask, is now that I am convinced that CCTV is the route I need to go  in order to protect my property, what product do I need to invest in… Well keep tuned to ‘The world occurring to HAE Ltd’ for recommendations.

Ifsec from an HAE viewpoint!

It was a great few days at IFSEC, catching up with colleagues and checking out the new ideas and products.  We were all very proud of the apprentices in their intruder alarm challenge on the “Skills4Security” ( ) stand.  The stands that really stood out this year were Sony , Axxess ID ( ), Anixter (, EMS (, IDL and Canon. We loved the new IDL Glass Gate 150 with IP connectivity, the Sony ER550 camera and the Canon VB-M600D ( ), to name just a few.    IFSEC 2012 – the IP revolution has definitely started.  Thank you to everyone who afforded us their time and such great hospitality  – we’re already looking forward to next year.

Follow the links to see what stood out for HAE!

Friday, 11 May 2012

"The bitterness of the poor service remains long after the sweetness of the low price"!   

HAEL have always prided ourselves on the service we provide to all our clients.  We benchmark ourselves against other competitors and believe that we give a more site specific service to all our customers.  Our maintenance department, in particular, give great customer service and commitment.  We feel that in this economic climate, we offer value for money to our customers, allowing their security solutions to be well maintained thus reducing expenditure on upgrading or replacing systems, when budgets are being squeezed even further.

It is heartening to hear that we have secured another sizeable contract, based on this ethos and experience our team are able to offer - and they should be praised.

Robert De’Antiquis