Friday, 29 June 2012

Sony ....make.believe

Sony have a superb range of Network HD Cameras with Panomorph Lens, which here at HAE we are excited about championing.

Whilst other brands of cameras such as mobotix are effective, we prefer the sublime lines and aesthetically pleasing Sony products. Not only are they attractive, the cameras provide unparalleled performance, encompassing key aspects such as the easy focus function (a must for a simple installation), the ability to switch between day and night mode smoothly and successfully and Sony's very own View - DR technology. The cameras have no distortion and in the SNC-CH120/SNC-CH140/SNC-CH220/ SNC-CH240 camera range, the ability to view 360 degrees with the enablement of the Panomorph lens is incomparable. The SNC-CH120 and SNC-CH140 have a 1.3 Megapixel maximum resolution and the SNC-CH220 and SNC-CH240 provide the option of the 2.8 Megapixel resolution. The cameras all have different types of visibility enhancers, varying from BLC to Sony's Visibility Enhancer View DR. These four cameras provide varying options for both the clients and the installation teams, however, the key point as always is that the technology is well made by Sony.
The light weight of the cameras makes them easier to install, with the heaviest of the quartet coming in at just under 1 lb 7. All of the cameras can be covered by Prime Support and have a working temperature of -10 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius.

In the case of all the cameras described above the Sony tag line of make.believe, shines true and creates a perfect summary of a brand which is all encompassing.
If you want to have a further look at these cameras in more detail please make sure you check out Sony's website at

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sony FeliCa - will you Make.believe in Sony FeliCa?

HAE have now launched the second generation FeliCa card reader to the market place. The development of this reader has been borne with the close collaboration between both HAE and the Sony FeliCa division.

A Directors View

This continued  development has enabled  this second generation reader to now support, as standard, the 125Khz module with the following card types; Felica European and Japanese encryption,  Mifare CSN, HID ™ 125 KHz 35 bit corporate encoded cards (26 and 36 bit are also supported) , EM Marin and Temic T5567. In this ever changing world of card technology it pays to be ahead of the game.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Managing Director’s Blog

"Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential. Winston Churchill

Whilst we pride ourselves on being a European company, it is also a year to be British.  It seems only moments ago London and other cities within the UK were ablaze with fire, looting and riots.  Things appeared to be disjointed and out of control.  Whilst a lot of the underlying issues have not disappeared, the recent Queen’s Jubilee was a chance for the country to pull together and enjoy the company of neighbours, friends and new acquaintances at events and parties up and down the country.  With Wimbledon and the Olympics just around the corner we are able to revel in a bit of patriotism, always hopeful of a sporting title or some medals (hopefully the gold type).  The quote above from Winston Churchill is particularly meaningful when looking at our sportsmen and women and the effort they’ve put in over the years to train for what may be the pinnacle of their careers.  It is also a worthwhile mantra for us all, always to strive for improvement in all we do.

Robert De’Antiquis

Friday, 8 June 2012

EMS wireless systems

Our Quality Manager has been enthusing about recent EMS audits that he has carried out on one of our sites in central London. He describe the systems as fuss free, with the wireless systems being perfectly suited for listed buildings. Highlights of these systems include aesthetically pleasing and discreet detectors, which are fully addressable. The great bonus in his eyes is that the detectors can come as a combi, with the ability to disable and re-enable functions at will. The standardisation of the EMS panel now allows the use of it across both wireless and non-wireless systems, allowing a hybrid of systems to be installed.

HAE prefer the FireCell range which is EN54 Part 25/ EN300-220 compliant. The system performance supersedes any other wireless system which HAE have come into contact with and due to the ability to not use fire rated cable, complies with HAE's Green Policy. Each panel can monitor a maximum of 512 devices, and Radio cluster communicators can extend the range to cover sprawling buildings. For more information on EMS products, check out their website at

The Sony SNC RH164 make.believe

HAE have recently installed three SNC RH164 cameras at a prestigious maintenance site in South West London, just in time for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The cameras were installed on Swan neck brackets, mounted on a pole and required dexterous high level handling from our hardworking installation team.

With the quick release mechanism, this camera was deemed to be the perfect camera for this install. Our client used the cameras to film the Diamond Jubilee, with the visibility enhancer and 16.9 aspect ratio making the footage as good as filming from a professional film maker's camera. The camera has a high image CMOS image sensor and is a PTZ dome with a 210 degree tilt and a 360 degree high speed pan. The camera also features a sunshine ventilation system and a triple codec network operation with a 10 x quality optical zoom. The XD NR noise reduction and impact resistant dome camera makes this one of the most interesting cameras that HAE have installed in recent times, with the tamper alarm trip making it one of the safest.

After the Jubilee, the footage was reviewed and it was of superb quality, to the point where it will now feature in a PR film for the site. A good HAE job well done!

Friday, 1 June 2012

The BPT Perla

The latest addition to the XiP and XI Door Entry systems supplied by BPT is the new 'Perla'. This wall mounted unit is easy to install and attractive to look at with sleek lines and a simplistic design making it an up and coming product to watch.

First seen by our engineers on the BPT website, it has made it to the top of their dream installation list. The handset is wall mounted with a 3.5 inch LCD colour screen and comes in 'Fusion Black', 'Ice White' or audio only.

With the ability to release doors, mute calls and disable ring tones, it has brought a new sense of sophistication to a saturated market place.

The handset has multiple other features, such as a panic button, low power consumption and an adjustable mounting bracket, making it ideal for installation teams and clients alike.

Why Video Door Entry?

As our world changes, our needs for security systems change too.   Gone are the days of permanent porters in residential blocks and receptionists in all office buildings.

Whilst back in the day, the majority of buildings had manned front desks and offices had a meet and greet receptionist ready to cater to your every need, as the economy has crumbled so has the job market. Roles which were permanently filled have now gone over to conceptualised positions, as the world rotates into the technological era. The new receptionist is an intercom system. Now, don’t roll your eyes and tut at the computer screen (with CCTV everywhere we can see you!) this is a cold hard fact. As businesses are making cuts, roles in the workplace have become amalgamated, as the girl who makes the coffee and answers the door is now also in charge of organising multiple projects and juggling tasks. Extra help for the multi-tasker comes in the form of an intercom system- safety conscious, secure and allows you to screen visitors… - you can now become your very own ‘big brother’!

These systems can be linked back to security guards and monitored on computers. The benefits far outweigh the cons as you are now able to contact security at the push of a button which will link you directly to their phone. You no longer have to battle issues like ‘telephone signal’ or walking to find a security member of staff, it is all there, right at your fingertips.  Other benefits include being able to release a door downstairs from the comfort of your flat/house/ office and being able to screen your calls.

Now which products to install you may ask?! Well, here at HAE we would suggest the very reputable BPT system, which in our eyes is one of the best in the business.