Saturday, 19 May 2012

Securing your world

In the uncertain times in which we live, securing your world has become paramount. Whether you choose to go down the route of closed-circuit television, access control systems, intruder alarms, fire systems or all of the aforementioned options, it has become necessary in this day and age to invest in at least one.
Security systems fall under varying categories, with life safety systems (Fire systems for those not in the know), taking immediate priority. These systems are designed to have a life saving impact- as who wants the first knowledge you have of your home going up in flames to be the scent of smoke and the crackling flames rending through the air? These systems have to be installed to BS5839 in order to follow the legal guidelines.
Here at HAE, we would much rather be woken up by the high-pitched squeal of a smoke detector activation than risk the numerous impacts of being entrapped in a fire. The lasting effects of a fire can be anything from smoke inhalation to burns as well as the destruction of property. These systems are integral in alerting neighbours, the fire department and those inside to the imminent danger.
As we are sure you are all aware, when a fire system starts to bleep (with no sign of fire) the immediate reaction would be to remove the battery from the detector (or in extreme cases pull it off the wall- and yes this does happen) in order to cease the incessant noise, however, whilst this might grant you a temporary reprieve, what you might not be aware of is that this will damage the integrity of the fire system and therefore leave you open to danger. What we would recommend, is taking out a contract with a reliable maintenance company, who can check your system is working and rectify the problems before stooping to such methods! Most security companies have a 24hr response time, but here at HAE, we like to get there within 4 hours.

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