Friday, 18 May 2012

Staying Safe- under surveillance!

The average Londoner gets caught on CCTV 70 times a day.

The question is, however, upon hearing this factoid; does it bring the big brother fear of ‘being watched’ or the peace of knowing that someone somewhere is watching?

The idea of public (and private) CCTV tracking your every move wherever you go is slightly daunting, however, the number of crimes caught on CCTV and therefore criminals jailed justifies this in our view.

Take the recent London riots, a number of criminals were apprehended based on CCTV footage alone, and more caught out by friends and families recognising published CCTV images and coming forward. In this instance CCTV saved the day!

Recently, on one of our prestigious maintenance sites, we were called in to pull footage from the CCTV system of a burglar. What we did not realise, was that we were going to see a whole new brand of criminal, literally and physically. The burglar was seen on the footage breaking into a house using a coat hanger of all things. The inventiveness of this particular method of access has now been noted down by the police. CCTV is effectively (whilst slightly intrusive) a force for good on our streets and around our homes. It allows our clients to liaise with the police and work towards incidents like the ‘coat hanger burglary’ not happening, as by raising awareness, we are one step further towards the cure.

The next question, you might ask, is now that I am convinced that CCTV is the route I need to go  in order to protect my property, what product do I need to invest in… Well keep tuned to ‘The world occurring to HAE Ltd’ for recommendations.

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