Friday, 8 June 2012

The Sony SNC RH164 make.believe

HAE have recently installed three SNC RH164 cameras at a prestigious maintenance site in South West London, just in time for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. The cameras were installed on Swan neck brackets, mounted on a pole and required dexterous high level handling from our hardworking installation team.

With the quick release mechanism, this camera was deemed to be the perfect camera for this install. Our client used the cameras to film the Diamond Jubilee, with the visibility enhancer and 16.9 aspect ratio making the footage as good as filming from a professional film maker's camera. The camera has a high image CMOS image sensor and is a PTZ dome with a 210 degree tilt and a 360 degree high speed pan. The camera also features a sunshine ventilation system and a triple codec network operation with a 10 x quality optical zoom. The XD NR noise reduction and impact resistant dome camera makes this one of the most interesting cameras that HAE have installed in recent times, with the tamper alarm trip making it one of the safest.

After the Jubilee, the footage was reviewed and it was of superb quality, to the point where it will now feature in a PR film for the site. A good HAE job well done!

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