Friday, 1 June 2012

Why Video Door Entry?

As our world changes, our needs for security systems change too.   Gone are the days of permanent porters in residential blocks and receptionists in all office buildings.

Whilst back in the day, the majority of buildings had manned front desks and offices had a meet and greet receptionist ready to cater to your every need, as the economy has crumbled so has the job market. Roles which were permanently filled have now gone over to conceptualised positions, as the world rotates into the technological era. The new receptionist is an intercom system. Now, don’t roll your eyes and tut at the computer screen (with CCTV everywhere we can see you!) this is a cold hard fact. As businesses are making cuts, roles in the workplace have become amalgamated, as the girl who makes the coffee and answers the door is now also in charge of organising multiple projects and juggling tasks. Extra help for the multi-tasker comes in the form of an intercom system- safety conscious, secure and allows you to screen visitors… - you can now become your very own ‘big brother’!

These systems can be linked back to security guards and monitored on computers. The benefits far outweigh the cons as you are now able to contact security at the push of a button which will link you directly to their phone. You no longer have to battle issues like ‘telephone signal’ or walking to find a security member of staff, it is all there, right at your fingertips.  Other benefits include being able to release a door downstairs from the comfort of your flat/house/ office and being able to screen your calls.

Now which products to install you may ask?! Well, here at HAE we would suggest the very reputable BPT system, which in our eyes is one of the best in the business.

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