Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lenel Custom Solutions workshop- an engineer abroad

Our PES manager, Izak Potgieter travelled to Rochester in the USA to undertake a course in Lenel Custom Solutions work shop. Check out his blog below- Lenel Custom Solutions Workshop…. An engineer abroad!!!

Lenel Custom Solutions workshop – an engineer abroad

In the last couple of months, since being appointed as PES manager, I have increasingly had to deal with an escalation in complexity and sheer amount of Data Exchanges. With some new projects I have also had to do integration into 3rd party software and hardware using DataConduIT.
With this in mind I asked to be sent to the annual Lenel Custom Solutions Workshop at the Lenel Headquarters in Rochester NY- which was definitely a challenging experience!
This workshop covered all of the following fields:
·         Database Architecture and links
This sector provided me with some additional insights into the layout of the data in the databases, and as well as supplementary information in regards to the database tables and relevant SQL scripts, links and triggers.
·         Data Exchange.

In the course we did several types of data exports and imports. We did hands on work in class and I definitely learned some new techniques regarding complex Data Exchanges. These will definitely save me a lot of time in the future and also will result in increasingly stable exchanges for more complex projects.
·         Custom Reports
With the use of Crystal Reports, it is possible to write reports that will cover the specific need for any client. With the use of existing templates from Onguard it is a simple case of changing it to fit requirements. This is a massive time saver and increases the simplicity of using the system.
·         DataConduIT
In this section of the course, we covered the basic setup and integration of software with the use of DataConduIT. Included in this coverage was basic fault-finding procedures that will help with all future installations and fault finding.
This was definitely a course that met my preconceived expectations and with the wealth of knowledge I took from it, I will be able to implement it into my work and offer a much better service to our clients.
I also managed to sneak in a bit of sightseeing, and was able to check out New York and Niagra falls- all in all the trip was a great success and I really enjoyed myself!

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