Friday, 6 July 2012

Make.Believe… in Sony Global's FeliCa

Here at HAE we are excited about the continued partnership with Sony Global and the further development of the FeliCa card readers.

Why FeliCa?

Originally used in the Octopus card system in Hong Kong, the RFID smart card system, championed by Sony Japan, is a rising star in the world of security. With the encryption key dynamically generating each time the card is used, the use of mutual authentication between card and reader provides one of the most secure systems in the world. The cards are externally powered, with no battery. We are one of the few companies which have pioneered the RFID smartcard reader which reads FeliCa cards as well as CSN. This OEM product partnering with our supplier has allowed us to roll out the readers over Sony European sites.  This partnership has catapulted HAE to the forefront of up and coming technology in the security world.

The FeliCa card system itself is multi-faceted, with the same card that is used to allow access into a building also allowing the user to employ it as a health care device, a mobile wallet, or as a speedy airplane boarding device (seen at JAL and ANA).  The FeliCa system provides an ease of accessibility to the discerning card user, as they no longer have to carry a multitude of bank cards, access passes and transport cards.

This card system is truly the unique and brings the world one step closer to a bright contactless, hassle-free future.

Check out the Sony FeliCa website to see the latest news for FeliCa and the myriad of ways in which these cards can be used:

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