Friday, 13 July 2012

OnSSI Ocularis

Our PES Manager Izak Potgieter has been working in the security industry for five years. He is extremely well versed in a number of systems and is master certified in Lenel. Izak is HAE's go-to engineer and has allowed us an insight into one of his favourite products:

'After years in the security industry it rarely happens that I stumble upon a product that is so innovative that it amazes me.

When I first heard about OnSSI Ocularis I assumed it would be similar to all of the other products in the field catering for video recording solutions…… but after attending the training I can say that this is truly a high end solution that belongs at the top of the industry.

All the recording is controlled by background services that utilise resourses to the maximum. The user interface is managed with an IIS Web service.

There are several outstanding features: Blank screen monitoring, Push Video, Virtual Matrix and Motion search to name a few. All of these innovations set this apart as a high end solution.

The client software uses multiple screens with full functionality, without any problems and outstanding graphical interface. It also utilizes the GPU (Graphics Card) instead of the CPU to handle the decoding of video for display that is a better and more cost effective way of distributing the processing needs of encoded H264 video streams.

With different Solutions in place from Ocularis PS to ES there will be a solution to fit any given complexity and need.'

Izak Potgieter

PES Manager

To learn more about OnSSI, check out their website:

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